Kia ora.

Welcome to my blog.  For those that are reading this and don’t know me.. I’m a working mum of 2 lively boys and a wife to the most awesome man I know.

My life is good…..but….. it needs work to stay that way.  By work I mean a bit of life housekeeping, some perspective and a bit of push to keep all that goodness in balance.

My boys and husband are the loves of my life –  all things health, fitness and wellbeing related are my passion.

In the past running has been the focus of my health and fitness passion. However, over the past few years various things have shifted that focus to be much broader than running alone.  Meeting my husband, the birth of my 2 sons, various health and injury problems, along with the whole aging process have made me realise and see a much bigger picture – the importance of optimum health and wellbeing  (in body, mind and soul).  The journey to achieving  this is now a driving force in my life, so that I am able to….

  • ….enjoy and do cool stuff with my boys as they grow and be a role model to them so that they can go on to live full healthy lives themselves.
  • ….live a  full life in this body of mine, because this is the place where I’ll live out my days so it deserves some respect and looking after.
  • ….feel good in my skin and accept myself for who and what I am.
  • ….be fully present, enjoy the moment and make the most of each day.

This blog is to record and share my findings in the journey towards achieving optimum health, in what is (lets face it) becoming an increasingly unhealthy world.

So why ‘Eat-Sweat-think’?

EAT – Is about how we nourish our bodies.  All things food and yumminess related. Food is what fuels us through life.  Tasty, clean, fresh and wholesome food and of course some good old h2O.

SWEAT – Is about how we move, strengthen and exercise our bodies.  We as humans were designed to move and sweat and be active.

THINK – Is about exactly that – how we think and the importance of that in our ability to be happy, enjoy life, motivate ourselves, handle stress and not sweat the small stuff.  After all the quality of our health and lives is driven by the quality of our thinking – get that right and everything else often falls miraculously into place.

I will share with you the little discoveries and  my thoughts relating to healthy food, exercise and thinking and hopefully I’ll inspire you towards achieving your own version of optimum health too.

I’m a busy little beaver with lots going – so my posts may be infrequent but I’m looking forward to spreading the word on what I discover and am hoping you’ll bounce back and share your ideas and thoughts with me too.

Remember this is nothing more than my thoughts, beliefs and opinions – which may be very different to others. If you agree and can take something from it…well then that’s awesome, but if you disagree then that’s cool too because one of the many things we were all blessed with in life is free will and opinion.



The articles, recipes and workouts written on this blog are not written by medical professionals. It is a personal blog, (and although I hold a diploma in personal training and have worked in the fitness industry), the writings found here are based on my personal experience and research. If you have any existing medical conditions or contraindications then you should consult a medical professional before starting any exercise regime. 

I am not affiliated with any products or brands – but will promote those that I believe in as appropriate.

Don’t forget to follow along my facebook page for additional motivation tips and information related to all things health, fitness and wellbeing related.


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