DIY Bootcamp to get Lean, Mean and Healthy

I had a bit of a brain wave recently over the Christmas and New Year break.

I’ve recently been on my summer hols, chillaxing on the beach with my bestest boys up at Mount Manganui.  I live in NZ so it’s summer here over Christmas and most Kiwis use this time of year for their summer vacations.

Having fun with my boys on hols

Having fun with my boys on hols

It was an awesome break, full of fun, relaxing, yummy food (mostly healthy apart from a few festive indulgences which just had to be done), body surfing (resulting in much sand up the butt crack), resting, meditating and of course some great runs, walks and garden workouts.

It was also a great time for me to have some space to reflect and think about stuff to focus on over the next few months.

Brett and I really enjoy our life, but it’s always good to do a bit of a pulse check, a check up from the neck up, and use this time of new beginnings to look at where we can improve and what our goals are and how we move towards them.

We set goals both as a couple and individually, related to family, career, events, lifestyle etc, but one thing we did want to definitely do as a couple was a revision of our health, nutrition and fitness routine to ensure we keep momentum for driving towards being the best versions of ourselves.

We eat pretty clean most of the time and workout regularly,  however, to continue to change you have to continue to change.  It’s easy to get complacent and let a few bad habits seep in.  Too many late nights, working longer hours, a few too many treat meals creeping in, getting in a workout routine rut and going through the motions.  Then hey presto, before you know it, you drift backwards or stagnate and aren’t going in the direction you want.

advert,excersice,fit,health,motivation-5d5744f6c2b343e3cc4d074a29b71d6b_h I believe it’s great to keep driving for results and looking at whether our everyday habits support the results we want in life, or sabotage us at every corner.

Okeley dokely – back to my brain wave.    This blog has been going for nearly a year now and it seems to be very well received which is sweeeeeeet.

I am constantly getting asked questions about how I eat, how I train, what advice would I give to individuals trying to lean up, or get fitter or feel more motivated.  So I thought why not share the food and fitness regime that Brett and I will be following to kick start 2013 with anyone out there that might be interested and provide you with all the tools and tips to drive you in your own DIY bootcamp.

There is no cost, no catch, and no gimmick.  It’s just a case of us sharing our journey with anyone out there that wants to hop on board.

One of the reasons for this blog is for me to share the knowledge I’ve gained and to help others kick start a healthier, happier version of themselves.  If just one person improves their health, fitness, body image etc for the better through sharing this bootcamp – then that’s a job well done me thinks.

 So this weekend I’ll be loading up everything you need to drive yourself through a ‘Get Lean, Mean and Healthy’ 4 week Bootcamp. 


I’ll provide you with

  • An eating plan based on what Brett and I will be eating
  • Key tips and principles to follow to support the eating plan
  • Some recipes ideas
  • Shopping list of what to buy
  • Workouts and ideas for an outline training plan
  • Motivational bits and bobs to keep you on track

The goal of this bootcamp is to kick start a healthier, fitter, leaner new you.  It’s the start of your journey that doesn’t stop at the end of the 4 weeks, but hopefully it will get us all building some momentum to move on to becoming even better versions of ourselves.

If you’re up for make sure you click like on the facebook page as there will be daily updates posted on there that won’t be loaded on this site.

So who’s keen?  Who’s with us? – as Brett and I will be doing it every step of the way too.

We’ll be keeping you accountable and you’ll be keeping us accountable.

WE CAN DO THIS!!!  (Virtual fist pump, high five and maybe a celebratory burpee because I love them so).



The articles, recipes and workouts written on this blog are not written by medical professionals. It is a personal blog, (and although I hold a diploma in personal training and have worked in the fitness industry), the writings found here are based on my personal experience and research. If you have any existing medical conditions or contraindications then you should consult a medical professional before starting any exercise regime. 

I am not affiliated with any products or brands – but will promote those that I believe in as appropriate.

Don’t forget to follow along my facebook page for additional motivation tips and information related to all things health, fitness and wellbeing related.

6 thoughts on “DIY Bootcamp to get Lean, Mean and Healthy

  1. I’m SO in on this! 🙂 Great post, will try REALLY hard to get past my hesitancy around the diet plan. Logically I know it makes sense but so hard to change ingrained beliefs about ‘fatty’ foods! Thanks Lotty!

  2. I have followed your boot camp from day one. Firstly thank you to you and Brett for putting so much energy into the month.

    I followed your eating plan at first I was stressed about eating full fat (good fat) instead of low fat but I didn’t become obese! and it was so good to taste real food.

    My shoulders are stronger, and my abs are leaner. I didn’t need to loose weight but maintained my weight despite eating full good fats, my cardio fitness has improved. When I looked at the first fitness test I just thought I can’t do it, it is beyond my ability and didn’t do it but followed your day by day exercises after that. Last night I did do the final test and flew through all the exercises (except the v-sits) and the 2 k run I have never run that far ever.

    So my take homes
    – it’s a journey and not a quick fix
    – it’s a change in life style
    – it really is the small changes you make every day as opposed to trying to achieve everything in one go
    – bliss balls are treats and you shouldn’t eat them all one day!

    So am starting the camp all over again tomorrow armed with my time from my fitness test to measure myself in a month.

    Thanks again

    • That is awesome Deb. Well done and I think it’s a great idea to start at the beginning again and this time you’ll have greater confidence going into it and will certainly smash that fit test next time you do it. Go go gooo for it.

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