Kick excuses into touch

If I think of the people that I admire and inspire me the most, they are almost always people that have accomplished amazing achievements in the face of adversity.  They have come across obstacles or hard times at some point in their life, and rather than be defeated, they have taken strength from these challenges. They have gone onto not just overcome, but add the extra to their ordinary and thus become extra-ordinary in some way.

I’m not just talking about iconic historic figures, or famous people that we see on TV or read about in magazines, but people I know or have met that surround me each and every day.   They are everywhere these people that fire me up, motivate me and make me believe that if they can do it with everything they face, then I can do it too. They don’t use age, wealth, genetics, circumstances, turmoil, rough times, history or life as an excuse, they focus on what they really want rather than any potential hurdles in the way.  I call these people the ‘Believe-I-canables’. 

The ‘Believe-I-canables’ go for what they want not matter how hard it appears to attain, because they ultimately believe in their ability to achieve their goals and constantly keep touch with how much they want them.

Do you know anyone like that?  I would eat my sweaty gym socks if you can honestly say you don’t. Extraordinary, inspiring people like this are everywhere if you just open your eyes and look. 

As a comparison at the other end of the spectrum have you ever met someone who feels life has dealt them a rough deal and spends their days dwelling on any bad luck thrown their way?  These people feel they are a victim to what life has dealt them and that they lack control.  Dwelling on their misfortune to the point where it holds them back, stops them enjoying the present and blinds them from any opportunities that might arise.  I call these people the ‘No-can-doables’. 

The ‘No-can-doables’ focus on everything that sucks about their life.  They look for reasons why they can’t achieve their goals and are often secretly envious of their counterparts the ‘Believe-I-canables’, thinking that they have achieved their good fortune through nothing more than luck and assistance from others. 

What has all this got to do with health, fitness and general wellbeing?  Well one of the most fundamental things I’ve learnt on my journey towards a fitter, healthier me, is that what truly stops us from achieving our goals (or not) lies in our mind.  Yep, life can throw us some curve balls  (and inevitably does) that make things tougher and our goals seem unachievable, but determination, motivation, focus and self belief will combat those curve balls every time. 

Excuses are the best friend of a ‘no-can-doable’, but excuses are not reasons for failing to achieve the goals we set ourselves, they are self made obstacles that we have the ability to overcome if we kick them into touch.

‘No-Excuses’ Workout.

With that in mind here is my ‘No-excuses’ workout.  Some of the things that can hold people back from working out such as; no equipment or gym membership, lack of time, inability to leave the house due to no babysitter, all these have been removed.  Here is a workout that needs no equipment, takes 15 minutes and you can do it in your own home.  Have a go and see what you think.

Do an AMRAP (as many rounds as possible) for 15 minutes of the following circuit.  Ramp it up to 20mins if you are feeling particularly energised.

  1. Ice Skaters – 10 reps to each side (20 total).  Leap to side to side from one foot to the other as if jumping over a wide ditch.
  2. Crab Twist – 10 reps to each side (20 total). Lie on your back and come up onto your hands and feet as if making a reverse table top.  Keeping your bum suspended (and glutes engaged) touch opposite hand to foot.
  3. Curtsey Lunges – 10 reps to each side (20 totals). From standing, do a reverse lunge placing your back foot across the line of the standing leg like you’re doing a curtsey.
  4. Burpee Walkouts – 10 reps.  From standing place hands on floor walk out hands until you are in a plank position, do a press up then walk back with your hands to standing and do a jump. (That’s 1 rep).
  5. T-Twists – 10 reps to each side (20 totals). Get into a plank position, holding core strong, and slowly lift one arm to the ceiling so you are balancing on the other arm on your side, Hold for 1 count then rotate to the other side.

2 thoughts on “Kick excuses into touch

  1. Hello lotty from diane morgan, a Scottish member. I like everything you have written, i am injured( planter fascitts) from training for a marathon, haven’t run since nov last year, am working hard on rehab but is am difficult to stay motivated . A fellow scottish member josie is also injured and has enjoyed reading your words. We wondered if we could meet up with you a hear more of your thoughts on managing with injuries, I live in newtown, josie is in mt cook, thanks, diane

    • Hey Diane – Sorry to hear you are injured. I know how frustrating it is believe me. Maybe we could meet for coffee one weekend. I live in Berhampore so Newtown is pretty close for me. Happy for you to pick my brains if there is anything in there of any use. I certainly know what it’s like to cope with injuries. My email is A saturday afternoon would work well. Let me know.

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