Not just another Diet Book

One of my slightly geeky hobbies is a love of any literature to do with health and fitness.  I’ve read a shed load of books related to this subject in the past because I find it so interesting and fascinating (I did say it was a geeky hobby).  Sure I’ve learnt heaps of useful, cool and interesting stuff from some of these books but there are also many I would file under ‘Bin’ due to them being unrealistic, inaccurate or simply plain ridiculous.

I recently read a book that I would most definitely put in the ‘useful and interesting’ pile that I thought I’d share on my blog for anyone that might be reading.   It’s called ‘Accidentally Overweight’ and is written by a local New Zealander, Dr Libby Weaver. 

How many of you out there have at some point diligently followed the slim down plan 101?  You know, eat less, exercise more, yada yada yada, only to be disappointed and baffled with the lack of results.  Or, how many of you have randomly put on weight for no logical reason?  This book examines the many variables to weight gain aside from the usual calories in and calories out.  It does not at any point spout some new fandangled diet that tells you to eat something like; boiled eggs, baking soda and lemons, whilst bouncing on a tramp (if that diet doesn’t exist then believe me it’s just a matter of time).  This book does exactly what it says in its tagline which is ‘Solve your weight loss puzzle’.

Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying that food and exercise isn’t a factor – errrr yeeaahh – too right it is.  What you eat and how, (or indeed if) you exercise is still the first place to look for answers.  However, there are so many other factors that can determine whether your body kicks fat in the backside or keeps it’s up close and personal, like a favourite blanky snuggled around your arse, thighs, gut etc.  By other factors I’m talking stress, gut bacteria, thyroid function, sex hormones and insulin, to name but a few.  This book uncovers and explains each component of the weight loss puzzle piece by piece.

Right at the beginning of the book Dr Libby asks you to not flick forward to the bits that you are interested in, or read the summary sections (something I’m notorious for doing) but to read the whole book in order.   This lady certainly knows her stuff and writes in a practical conversational way which really appealed to me.  I tend to have a short attention span, so when it comes to reading books they need to be pretty catchy, simple and well laid out to keep me turning the page.   This book ticked all those boxes.  At the end of each chapter there is summary that tells you what symptoms to look for and practical tips and advice on how to solve that particular problem. It provides you with all the information to work out an action plan that’s completely bespoke to your individual needs. 

‘Accidentally Overweight’ isn’t just another run of the mill weight loss book that quotes a strict regime– it’s a book about achieving optimum health which is what I loved about it most.  Achieving good health in my opinion should always be the priority.  Being overweight is usually a side effect of being unhealthy, particularly in this day and age where even our environment and modern day life works against us.   If you target  improving your health above everything else then you may be surprised at how easily those skinny jeans start to slip on.



On a different note I’ve had heaps of great feedback on the recent workout I posted and requests for more.   Keep your eyes peeled for my ‘killer abs’ blog post and workout……coming your way soon.



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