‘Kebab Lotty’ – Gone for good but never forgotten.

Welcome to my new blog ‘Eat – Sweat – Think’. 

Guess what it’s about yet?  In a nutshell it’s about me sharing my thoughts, tips and findings on all things health, fitness and wellbeing related (go to the ‘About’ page if you want to know more). 

I guess you could say I’m a bit of health and fitness geek.  I pretty much love all topics related to this – whether I agree or choose to adopt them or not.  This stuff is what floats my boat you could say, so why not blog about it.  If you can take something from it then cool nanas, if you have something to share in response then go for it, and if it can inspire or help you towards better health and wellbeing then fantastic.  

Those who know me probably know me as someone who is reasonably fit and healthy, BUT, truth be told I’ve not always been like this. 

There’s someone I’d like to introduce you to.  Her name is ‘Kebab Lotty’.   She was the wing-man that sat on my shoulder back in my early 20’s.  She could boast downing pints of beer, chased with alcopops, baileys or tequila slammers.  This was accompanied by dancing the night away before heading back to my flat conveniently situated in a street full of fast food joints.  It was usually an extra large kebab, or a curry and naan, chased down with (of course) more beer or maybe some cheap vino before passing out (starfish style) on my bed.  True story – I kid you not.  Oh yes ‘Kebab Lotty’ was a very real part of my dark, distant and unhealthy past.

Back then I treated my body more like a night club than a temple and did not respect it (or myself) at all.  I couldn’t run to the end of the street – let alone run a marathon and I would have called you a crazy lune if you suggested I would even contemplate such a thing.  I was probably about 10kg heavier (all of which was lard) and although a lot younger I’m willing to bet my bodies bio-age back then was older than it is now, 15 years later.

 ‘Kebab Lotty’ is now a distant memory.  I mention this really just to show that I’m not some new age health hippy guru, but that I’m a normal everyday type of gal, who over the years has discovered a passion for all things health and fitness related.

This health shift didn’t happen overnight it has evolved over time.  The first step was starting up running as a hobby. This was purely because I stopped smoking and didn’t want to put on even more weight.  Then I started eating a little better (or at least cut down on the kebabs and curries), as I figured I’d better drink less and put some half decent food in if I was going to run for miles without passing out.  Then I studied for my diploma in Personal Training and Nutrition, but even then I wouldn’t say really I understood the true meaning of good health.  I’d happily exercise for hours and hours at a time thinking good health meant being skinny (muscle free of course), running ridiculous mileage and eating foods labelled, ‘diet’ or ‘low fat’ because I saw them as being ‘healthy’ (sooo not true). 

It’s really only been in the past few years since having my 2 beautiful sons that it’s really clicked in my head what the definition of true good health is.  Probably because I want to remain in good health to see my boys grow and be able to do cool things with them, as well as pass on healthy habits so they have a long and full life too.  

Optimum health to me is about being kind to the body, mind and soul and treating these 3 elements with consideration, care and respect.  We only have one body and one life so it’s worth investing some time to really take care of it.  So that’s what my blog is going to be about – my thoughts and ideas in striving for and maintaining optimum health. 

On this journey I’ll share what I eat, how I train and all the mindset and wellbeing stuff that I find so interesting.  I hope you do too, but if you don’t that’s ok – you can always go find ‘Kebab Lotty’ somewhere out there  – she may well have started a blog too on ‘How to achieve stomach ulcers and muffin tops’.

5 thoughts on “‘Kebab Lotty’ – Gone for good but never forgotten.

  1. So cool you have started a blog. Now I can use your info to get back into it!!! I am so sick of my post-baby body – it’s time!!

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